Company Profile
esecurity.pngEMM. G. LIANAKIS S.A. was established in 1990 by a team of recognized engineers, with Emmanouil Lianakis at the head, as continuity of Emmanouil Lianakis office which functioned since 1985. Originally, the company had the legal form of LTD, while since 2005 functions with the legal form of incorporated company. The company’s headquarters is in Athens, and in the last 10 years there is a branch of the company in the city of Serres.
The company’s main objective is the carrying out of projects both for Public Sector, Legal Bodies of Public Law, Organizations of Local Government, Public Enterprises and for Private Sector as well.
Originally, the company was activated in the Surveying and Urban – Land Planning projects sector, however, soon, it has extended its activities in other technical sectors as in road planning, in hydraulic, static and environmental projects, while 5 years ago it has inaugurated the operation of architectural department.
The company’s almost twenty year existence in the domain of engineering, functions as a guarantee for the irreproachable accomplishment, in the shortest possible time, of the undertaken projects. For 20 years it is a pioneer and invests in new technologies. It is indicative that:
  • It was one of the first companies in the private sector that has invested in the use of new technologies and in the development of design software before the entry of AutoCAD in the market.
  • It was the first company that developed a complete cadastral system for the local government (Municipality of Ilion 1990-1995, Municipality of Metamorphosis 1994).
  • It was the only company contractor of KTIMATOLOGIO S.A. that completed the 90% of the National Cadastral project in the area of interest, creating 33 new employment posts in the city of Serres. Besides, it adopted a pioneer citizens service program that aimed both in the best possible quality of produced work and in the smallest discomfort of citizens as well. (It deserves to be reported that it had the smallest percentage of objections, comparing with other regions where projects of National Cadastral were worked out).

EMM. G. LIANAKIS S.A. continues in the same wave length. It attends to be extended investing in its human work force. It always places higher objectives, proportional to the requirements of the present days, without decreasing the quality. Having a constant, powerful and competitive presence in the domain of engineering, it is developed with rapid rate.